Bronze Picador and Bull Sculpture by Juan Polo Velasco
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Bronze Picador and Bull Sculpture by Juan Polo Velasco


20th Century (1948)
Signed: J. Polo (Juan Polo Velasco)
Cm 80 high x 90 wide x 55 deep

This highly dynamic bronze of a bull attacking a picador on horseback was created by Spanish sculptor Juan Polo Velasco in 1948. Born in the Andalucian city of Fernán Núñez in 1923, Juan Polo began sculpting at a young age, attended art schools in both Málaga and Seville, and was a disciple of important sculptor Mariano Benlliure in Madrid. During his career he was commissioned to create many public monuments and religious sculptures, and his pieces are in various museums and collections.

Juan Polo Velasco died in 2017, and his home and studio in Fernán Núñez serves as a museum.


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