Campaign Chest of Drawers
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Campaign Chest of Drawers


19th Century
Mahogany wood with brass detailing
Stacking two part with side handles
Cm 98 high x 90 wide x 44 deep

A 19th century mahogany wood British military Campaign two-piece chest of drawers, with original brass hardware. This particular style of furniture was originally developed to carry the belongings of officers during long military campaigns. It was built of durable materials and designed for travel, hence being able to separate into two parts, with flat brass drawer pulls, and folding brass carry handles inset slightly to maintain a "squared" and easily stacked profile. The quality of materials and handsome aesthetic of these pieces became identified with the officer class.

At the turn of the century, with both improved transportation methods and changes in military strategies, British forces opted for a more mobile and efficient fighting force, and thus an officer's need for this type of furniture came to an end. Many of these "ex-Campaign " pieces moved on into civilian life, carrying with them the romantic air of past adventures...


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