Copper Cauldron on Wrought Iron Tripod Stand
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Copper Cauldron on Wrought Iron Tripod Stand


19th century
Hammered copper, wrought iron
Pot: 34cm high x 42cm diameter
Iron base: 42cm high x 50cm diameter
Combined height: 60cm

This large size 19th century hand-hammered copper cauldron cook pot with rich chocolate brown patina is paired with a heavy wrought iron tripod. Originally designed to sit directly above the hot coals of a cook fire or fireplace, rich country stews, soups or rice dishes would come to life in this humble cookware. Well-crafted to withstand the punishments of daily use, these rugged items hold great rustic charm, and can easily find functional and decorative uses in a wide variety of interior decor styles. A catchall container for firewood or magazines perhaps, or an interior or exterior planter? This product of traditional handcraft born of basic necessity carries stories of the past into its new present day life.

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