Copper Jug with Handle
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Copper Jug with Handle

18th Century

Hand-hammerd copper
Cm 37 high x 29 wide  (32 with handle)

Though highly decorative, this 18th century Spanish copper container was originally made for common household use. The handle is attached with large hammered rivets, and features a small hook for hanging near the top. Around the centre of the jug at its widest point, is a fine geometric "dovetail seam" where two pieces of copper were soldered together to form the curve. Creating this seam was strictly a hand process, and the particularly small size of the interlocking pieces of this seam demonstrates a high level of skill and craftsmanship. There is also another dovetail where the bottom is attached. On one side there is a period repair where the seam has been resoldered, a bit less artfully. These repairs are fairly common on older copper pieces, and testify to their value - a copper jug with a hole would not be simply discarded, but repaired for further use.

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