British Silverplate & Crystal Cruet Set
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British Silverplate & Crystal Cruet Set


19th Century
"J D & S" (James Dixon & Sons)
"EP" (electroplate)

With complete set of crystal decanters

Cm 30 high x 20 wide x 20 deep

This Classic Regency cruet set will add a touch of history to any style of table setting. James Dixon & Sons was founded 1806 in Sheffield, England and was one of the major British manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution. They made and exported a wide variety of kitchen and dining ware made from pewter, silver and electroplated nickel silver and Britannia metal. This cruet set carries the "J D & S" (James Dixon & Sons) mark, as well as the letters “EP” which designate it as being “electroplate” or silver plated. There is no “Trumpet and Banner” trademark stamp, so it would seem this item was produced before 1879, when this trumpet mark was introduced. The set is complete with eight cut glass decanters, all with original stoppers and tops, with no cracks or chips. The metalwork is decorated with a nicely detailed grapevine motif. This particular set was purchased from a British diplomat living in Madrid.

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