English Partner Style Writing Desk with Leather Top
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English Partner Style Writing Desk with Leather Top


19th Century
Hardwood with leather top, finished both sides
Cm 77 high x 135 wide x 76 deep

This mid-19th century English writing desk features handsomely inlaid rich-grained mahogany veneer. It is "partner" or "center" in design, with functional drawers on one side (locking, with keys included), and false drawer fronts on the opposite, ideal for uses in the middle of a room. The central dark brown leather writing pad has been professionally replaced, and has an embossed black border design similar to the original. The short tapered legs ending in metal sabots are extremely sturdy, and the desk is quite solid with no structural issues. At close inspection, it seems the original drawer pulls have been changed to simple circular wooden keyhole escutcheons.


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