Figure of Triumphant Infant Jesus
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Figure of Triumphant Infant Jesus

18th Century
Polychrome wood
Cm 68 high x 36 wide x 30 deep

This polychrome wood figure of the Triumphant Infant Jesus was sculpted in Spain in the 18th century, following Andalusian tradition. The inclusion of a golden ball is symbolic of Christ's triumph over the world.

The Triumphant Infant Jesus is an important sub-genre within religious artwork. These anatomically correct figures were sculpted as realistically as possible, with the intention of evoking emotion and making the images accessible to a broad audience. The figures were created nude, and were ritually dressed in a place of worship. The act of clothing the Infant further reinforced His presence in the real world. These baby Jesus figures were also associated with the devotional practices of women, especially nuns and widows, who by clothing and caring for the infant would emotionally connect with Jesus in an intimate, maternal way.

There has been some minor restoration to the face.


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