Louis XV Style Armoire with Chinoiserie Coromandel Panels
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Louis XV Style Armoire with Chinoiserie Coromandel Panels

19th Century
Detailed inlaid panels imported from China
Lacquered wood, fine wood veneer, bronze details
Cm 198 high x 130 wide x 45 deep

This 19th century French Armoire in Louis XV style has two full-length Chinese Coromandel lacquered panels decorating its front doors. The panels are matched, and present a detailed scene with many Chinese figures in a moment of pageantry. The form of the cabinet itself is similar to furniture by the renowned cabinetmaker Bernard Van Risen-Burgh (B.V.R.B.), and it is beautifully decorated with fine veneer parquetry, applied to create various geometric wood grain effects. There are also many pieces of floral and abstract bronze detailing.


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