Louis XVI Onyx Display Pedestal
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Louis XVI Onyx Display Pedestal


19th Century

Cream Onyx with bronze detailing
Cm 114 high x 29 wide x 29 deep

French Louis XVI style display pedestal, dating from the mid to late 19th century. The column is constructed of nicely veined, cream-colored onyx, a stone similar to but more translucent than marble. The removable turntable top rotates 360º and the pedestal features mixed neoclassical embellishments in gilt bronze. The Greeks and Romans used pedestals to display statues of gods and busts of emperors, and for centuries collectors have used them to highlight special items that could be enjoyed in three dimensions. Whether used to add depth to a room or divide a space, add a touch of classical charm to a clean modern interior, or to add another entertaining ornament to an eclectic "Cabinet of Curiosities" - this pedestal is a functional and visually compelling historical interior design element.


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