Pair of Samson Porcelain Jars with Asian Motif
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Pair of Samson Porcelain Jars with Asian Motif


19th Century
Samson, Edmé et Cie Porcelain, Paris
Highly detailed Asian motifs, Famille Rose style
Cm 60 high (including lids) x 36 diameter (at widest point)

A matched pair of 19th century porcelain urns with lids, made by Samson Edmé et Cie porcelain, of Paris. Samson opened in 1845 and soon became well-known for making reproductions of ceramic pieces on display in museums and private collections. Although the company was imitating existing styles, Samson porcelain products were (and continue to be) valued for their high quality, skillful artistry and brightly-colored glazes. These urns are decorated with Samson's idiosyncratic interpretation of Famille Rose style Chinese motifs. Each urn has three large images, surrounded by variety of finely-detailed floral, figurative and abstract designs. They are both marked at the bottom with "pseudo Chinese" marks in red glaze.


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