Set of Four Spanish Embossed Leather Chairs
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Set of Four Spanish Embossed Leather Chairs

18th Century
Embossed leather over wood, brass tacks
Cm 90 high x 45 wide x 37 deep

A matched set of four 18th century Spanish embossed leather chairs with nicely hand-carved detailing. The leather of the chairs are decorated with intricate flower and vine designs on the seats, and on the backs there are abstract vines surrounding two figures blowing horns. The embossing is in very good shape, the images are clear and detailed. The leather sections are bordered by rows of brass tacks with large decorative heads. The wood furniture is also nicely detailed, the chairs having pierced stretchers of interlocking curves and at the tops of the backs finials carved in the shape of roaring lion heads. The chairs are in very good shape considering their age, though two of the four each have a small vertical crack in the leather of the chair backs. Otherwise they are sturdy and sittable!

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