Spanish Triana 'Orza' Ceramic Jar with Cover
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Spanish Triana 'Orza' Ceramic Jar with Cover

Spain (Triana, Sevilla)
19th Century
Hunting and bullfighting motifs
Cm 80 high x 50 wide

A large (80cm H) 19th century ceramic jar with lid made in the Triana district of Seville, Spain. It is hand painted in cobalt blue glaze over a milk white tin slip in montería (hunting) style, with bulls, mounted picadors and a hunter with rifle in an open landscape. Secondary areas show neoclassical designs and areas of small plant branches. The montería motifs were developed in Triana and were characteristic of area, and though the ceramics industry in Seville produced a great amount of regular tableware, these large size jars were created with more care and skill for decorative purposes. A very similar example of this size and style (minus the top) can be found in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The jar has some areas of restoration visible under UV light, invisible to the naked eye under normal conditions.

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