Trestle Style Writing Table with Spool Turned Legs
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Trestle Style Writing Table with Spool Turned Legs

18th Century

Walnut and wrought iron
Cm 89 high x 147 wide x 85 deep

The tabletop of this 18th century Spanish table is one single wide plank, which over the years has warped slightly, adding an attractive twist to the surface and creating a piece of furniture with unique character. The deeply-coved spool turned leg sections, or trestles, are joined to the tabletop with sliding dovetail joints and fastened in place with eye-bolts and wrought iron stretchers. This functional design, popular in Spanish furniture of this time period, allowed for the table to be disassembled for ease of transport. The leg sections are assembled with an “atarugado” technique using only wooden dowels, with no metal screws or nails. The table is structurally sound and quite sturdy.


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