Trio of French Rococo Carved Giltwood Mirrors
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Trio of French Rococo Carved Giltwood Mirrors

18th Century
Carved and gilded wood
Cm 165 high x 65 wide

Trio of 18th century French Rococo mirrors, with finely carved and gilded wood frames. Design elements including plants and flowers, spouting fish, and the typical rococo "bean" or "kidney" decorate the ornate frames. All three mirrors are topped with a "Ho-Ho Bird" motif, a version of the Japanese Phoenix that was popular in French furniture of this period. Two of the mirrors are of identical design, except the bird is facing to the right on one, and to the left on the other. The third mirror is of very similar design, with slightly "thicker" elements and differently shaped mirror. The bird at the top of this third mirror is facing to the right, and has some feather details the other two do not.


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